5G Connected Sport

Sport products using energy efficient IoT


is to create a phoneless experience for athletes through smart sport products using low power 5G.  Our target is to provide emergency, sports performance tracking and injury prevention solutions.

5G Connected Sport is a research project by the consortium adidas, FAU, Megatec and UKR exploring the integration of 5G technology in smart running jackets, shoes & more. It is funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy.

WHY | our solution to the existing problem

Today, athletes are not able to track valuable performance data or call for help without carrying an external smart device, like a mobile phone. Users worry to run out of power with existing devices or about loss of network connection in difficult accessible terrain. Especially in emergency situations such as injury or harassment this causes a problem.

We want to free athletes from their worries so that they can escape and excel.
We integrate 5G technology into apparel and shoes to give the user a low-power phoneless experience. With the new 5G standard products will become capable of sending data directly from the smart product to the cloud without any intermediate device, allowing performance monitoring and emergency aid in case of risk.

HOW | Integration of 5g & LPWAN


5G technology revolutionizes the transmission of data even in difficult accessible areas.


Low power communication is used to conserve energy and enable the integration of energy harvesting.


Low cost NB IoT / LTE-M modules allow the design of affordable smart products.

WHAT | Sport products using energy efficient IoT

The project showcases new use cases for a smart running jacket tracking relevant performance data and featuring an emergency alert in case of an injury or fear of harassment.
Additionally, the project explores new business opportunities with well-known experts from Uniklinikum Regensburg using 5G enabled shoes to prevent and cure injuries from sport.


Through sport we have the power to change lives. Meet the team behind this concept.